Handwriting aid for children and adults who need help with developing strength, form and function when improving fine motor skills

A mother's invention improves lives



The Write Glove is designed to help children and adults properly write using a pencil or pen. Through the supervised use of the handwriting aid, hand strength and muscle memory can be achieved, allowing for the proper grip of the writing instrument. By wearing the glove long-term, children and adults can expect to see improvements in their handwriting and overall confidence in their writing ability.



The idea of The Write Glove was conceived in the fall of 2015 by owner and founder, Justine Hoffmann. Her preschool-age son, Lucas, was diagnosed with a fine motor skill deficiency, and it was affecting his ability to write at a grade-appropriate level. She saw him struggling to hold a pencil while doing his homework and wanted to find a way so he could be able to properly use a writing instrument.


As Justine studied the mechanics of how to properly use a writing instrument, it dawned on her that an aid could be created to assist the hand in holding a pencil or pen. Lucas, in particular, was using an improper grip to hold a pencil in that he was using too many fingers. The only way he could develop the muscles necessary to properly write was to design a glove that would correctly position his hand and limit the use of certain fingers.

Justine developed a prototype for the glove and had Lucas try it out. It was a very comfortable experience for Lucas.  He was able to wear it when writing in school and when doing his homework.  Over a longer period of time, she was amazed by his immediate progress and the long term improvements in his handwriting.  Lucas does not currently need to wear the glove as he is assuming proper form and function on his own and the desired result has been achieved.

Lucas after graduating from wearing the glove in first grade.


I call it Miracle Glove.

Two and a half months ago, I dislocated my right shoulder. It was a very painful experience that left me with nerve damage to my right arm and hand. I was told that nerve damage to the hand would "take time." I could not even hold a pen or write anything legible.

More than two months later, I was given the Write Glove as I was told it could help. I call it Miracle Glove. I am grateful for The Write Glove because what I was told would "take time" was shortened the minute I put the glove on.  It works! I can write! Thank you Write Glove!!!

Sincerely, Barbara McManus

An amazing product...

The Write Glove is an amazing product. As a physician, I see firsthand (pun intended) the importance of proper grip and legible writing from young children to older stroke victims. My daughter was struggling with gripping a pencil heading into pre-K. The write glove changed all that! She has entered kindergarten writing her letters so nicely. She is more confident and thus more engaged in learning. This is a product that truly delivers.

Christopher Cesa, MD

...loving the the gloves.

I wanted to write and let you know that we are loving the gloves. Had my first opportunity to use it today with a few kiddos and really liked how it helps with positioning.

UPDATE:  I have a student who did so well with the glove that she is now positioning her own fingers when grasping a writing utensil without the glove.  So proud of her! 

JodiAnne Schlesinger, OTR

It's a joy to watch her confidence build....

I can't say enough how incredible it has been to watch the change in my daughter's penmanship after using The Write Glove for the past several months. She was a preemie and has been in OT for the past 5 years. This glove has improved her grasp more in the past few months than years of therapy. It is a joy to watch her confidence build as writing becomes easier and easier. She has been able to maintain that grasp as the glove has given her muscle memory. My 4 year old is now using it with great results.

Kristen Rizzo -- mom of three

.....a defining moment for me.

I have 100 percent nerve damage in my right arm, thumb, index finger and middle finger.  Justine was kind enough to give me the opportunity to use "The Write Glove".  The difference in my writing is unprecedented. I am able to hold the pen correctly and write perfectly. It was a defining moment for me. When using "The Write Glove" I feel like I have regained my original hand writing back! Thank you Justine for giving me back what I thought I lost forever. 

Dr. Michelle Fowler

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To reach out with questions regarding the Write Glove, send us an email at info@thewriteglove.com

Handwriting aid for children and adults needing to strengthen fine motor skills.